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IMG_1954Hello, I’m Lou Kinnaird, a stay-at-home mum who is naturally inclined to ponder over and then write about random stuff, some of which I post on this blog. My gorgeous children are Sam and Max, two boisterous teenagers-in-the-making, who are the inspiration for many of my blog posts, and who drive me nuts on a regular basis. My husband Ben is my go-to guy, the one that makes everything ok after a fraught day.

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2 thoughts on “About Louise

  1. Hi Lou! Lovely to meet you the other day at the GWN meeting, New Brewery Arts. And thanks for following me on Twitter! (I’ve reciprocated.)
    (Snap! We both blog for Mumsnet.)

    I’ve had a bit of a look around your blog. I really like the design of it, by the way? Is it your own, or your husband’s perhaps, if he’s in web design etc?

    I also like the range of topics, and your ponderings. You asked for some feedback, to here are a couple of suggestions:

    – I’m beginning to learn myself that key words and phrases in titles of posts make a real difference to how much traffic you get. I hate avoiding puns, clever poetic phrasing etc., but gather people surf for certain terms, and so have had to force myself to censor these and to be a bit more boring and middle of the road. Just an idea…
    – You might want to do some research into what other mothers/wives write about, then try to spot things they’re not covering so much. What is distinctive about you? Your background, the moving house thing, special characteristics of your children/husband, strange hobbies?!!! Whatever. ‘Gaps in the market’ (yuck. Sorry.)

    I do hope to see you soon. Stay in touch!


    • Hi Paula
      Yes, my husband’s design, well a template that he tweaked. He runs Rather Inventive, marketing and web development – Ratherinventive.com.
      Thanks for your feedback, that’s really helpful stuff, especially about being distinctive, although my confidence has to catch up a bit before I reveal too much info about my inner workings. See you soon

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